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Refer back to this web page frequently for updated versions.

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

NOTE: QRGs may not display properly unless opened in Adobe Reader. 
Please download the QRG from the links below and open it using Adobe Reader.

These eMMA QRGs are updated often, so please clear your cache to be sure that you are viewing the current version of the QRGs.  Clearing Cache instructions for major browsers are listed below. 

Follow this link to
training for Vendors on registering and for submitting electronic bids.

2a - eMMA QRG - Invite Users to eMMA, Add Contacts, and Add Roles
2c eMMA QRG - Adding Credentials
2d eMMA QRG - Adding Product and Service Categories
2e eMMA QRG - Navigating and Updating Roles
9 - eMMA QRG - Public Vendor Search for Vendors
10 - eMMA QRG Vendor Bid Holder List
11 - eMMA QRG Vendor Bid Tabulation

1a eMMA QRG - How to Log Into eMMA
1b - eMMA MDOT QRG - Requesting a New eMMA User Account1c - eMMA MDOT QRG - eMMA MDOT SSO Log In emma-ORQs-buyers_2a
emma-ORQs-buyers_2eemma-ORQs-buyers_33a - eMMA QRG – Create and Browse Business Requests
4 - eMMA QRG - Add Team Members to a Sourcing Project
6 - eMMA QRG - Scan and Add a Document to a Sourcing Project
8 – eMMA QRG Adding Vendors to Sourcing Project
8b - eMMA QRG – Prepare a Solicitation Project
8c - eMMA QRG - Notify Vendors of Solicitation and Publish 9 - EMMA QRG Creating Amendments or Cancelling
emma-ORQs-buyers_1010a - QRG eMMA - Open Technical and Financial Envelopes
11 - eMMA QRG - Award a Solicitation to a Vendor
13 - eMMA QRG Create a Contract from Scratch
13a - eMMA QRG Add a Sub Contractor to a Contract
14 – eMMA QRG - Browse and Filter Sourcing Projects
15 - eMMA QRG - Browse and Filer Contracts
16 – eMMA QRG - Public Search for Vendors
17 - eMMA QRG Buyer Bid Tabulation
18 - eMMA QRG - Buyer Bid Holders List
19 - eMMA Buyer QRG - Buyer Bid Holders List PublicationSpecial QRG – Create an Emergency Sourcing Project
eMMA End User TrainingeMMA Fundamentals Participant Guide