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Welcome, State of Maryland Procurement Officers, Buyers and Staff!

You’ve been asked to make a purchase for your agency, what’s your next step?


  1. Start with the State of Maryland Procurement Manual that provides best practices for conducting procurements and highlights State Procurement laws, regulations, advisories, and policies.  You can also access State Finance and Procurement (SFP) law and the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) through links from the manual.
    Cover of State of Maryland Procurement Manual
  2. Check to see if there is a State contract available for you to use.  For the lists of current Statewide Contracts, refer to the following for details:


    A. Commodities/Maintenance/
    Construction (including Open Bids and Contract Awards)
    B. Professional Services C. Information Technology
    D. Design, Construction & Energy
    On Call Contracts
    E. For banking services, finance, investment, insurance and related contracts, go to the
    Maryland State Treasurer‘s Procurement webpage.
    F. For transportation or transportation-related contracts, go to the
    Maryland Department of Transportation’s
    Procurement webpage.
  3. Check the State of Maryland’s Preferred Providers to see if they have what your agency needs.

    Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) Approved Catalog

    Blind Industries & Services of Maryland (BISM) Master Price List

    Maryland Works – Employment Works Program
  4. Utilize the Timelines & Checklists for CSB & CSP Procurement Methods to set up your procurement schedule and ensure the procurement steps are completed.
  5. Build your solicitation using the available State of Maryland Procurement Templates and Solicitation Attachments and Appendices listed below.  If you are purchasing Commodities or Facilities Maintenance, click here for the Agency Purchase Submittal Form.
  6. Check the DGS OSP General Delegation to Agencies and the DGS OSP & BPW Approval Authority Chart to confirm whether your agency can approve your new contract award, renewal option or modification or if it requires approval by the DGS Office of State Procurement (OSP) and the Board of Public Works (BPW).
  7. If your procurement contract is anticipated to be over $50,000, utilize the Procurement Award Review and Submission Checklists for the DGS OSP approvals.  The OSP-BPW and PAAR Submissions webpage includes the Action Agenda Item Templates and Guidelines for contract awards over $200,000 (and other thresholds), also requiring BPW approval.
  8. Conduct a Procurement Review Group (PRG) to review your solicitation for socio-economic opportunities.
  9. Reach out to DGS OSP with your general procurement questions by email to
  10. Post your solicitation notice on eMaryland Marketplace Advantage or eMMA.  Additional information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Reference Guides.  Any questions please contact the eMMA Help Desk at

State Procurement Templates and Solicitation Attachments & Appendices: 


PORFP Award Recommendation Form (POD) Template

If you have any suggestions for or comments about this website, please contact Jamie Tomaszewski at or 410-260-7386.