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OSP-BPW and PAAR Submissions

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OSP-BPW and PAAR Submissions

Submit all OSP-BPW items and PAAR items to the email address. Please note: AWARD Recommendation approval from OSP must occur prior to submission for OSP-BPW approval.


Please refer to the following documents to submit requests for approval to the Board of Public Works (BPW) through the DGS Office of State Procurement (OSP):

DGS OSP BPW Submission Schedule
DGS OSP BPW Templates and Checklists


All agencies with delegated authority over $50,000 must submit their monthly Procurement Agency Activity Report (PAAR) to OSP by the second week of the preceding month per COMAR

Procurement Review Group (PRG):

Any questions about BPW agenda submissions through DGS OSP, contact Samantha Buchanan, Manager, OSP Reporting Unit at or 410-260-7552.