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OSP-BPW and PAAR Submissions

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OSP-BPW and PAAR Submissions

Submit all OSP-BPW items and PAAR items to the email address. Please note: AWARD Recommendation approval from OSP must occur prior to submission for OSP-BPW approval.


Please refer to the following documents to submit requests for approval to the Board of Public Works (BPW) through the DGS Office of State Procurement (OSP):

DGS OSP BPW Submission GuidelinesDGS OSP BPW Submission Schedule
DGS OSP BPW Templates and Checklists


All agencies with delegated authority over $50,000 must submit their monthly Procurement Agency Activity Report (PAAR) to OSP by the second week of the preceding month per COMAR

Any questions about BPW agenda submissions through DGS OSP, contact Samantha Buchanan, Manager, OSP Reporting Unit at or 410-260-7552.