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Contract ​Nam​e and Description All MD State Agencies MD Local Governments MD Non-Profit Organizations Fed / Other State & Local Governments
Audit Services Master Contract for Maryland​ (ASMC) 2020-2025
State Agencies Statewide Master Contract with 18 Master Contractors that are Maryland Certified Public Accounting firms or Sole Proprietors to perform audit services and to be utilized by State agencies through secondary competition on a task order basis.
Customer Service Training and Process Improvement Consultation Contract 2017-2022 (CSMC)
DBM’s master contract provides the ability through secondary Task Order competition to secure customer service and process improvement training and consulting services for State agencies.
Statewide FedEx Mail and Small Package Delivery Services Contract 2016-2021
This Contract provides Maryland State agencies (as well as Maryland’s other non-state government entities such as the local government, counties, municipalities, Not-for-profits, etc.) with the ability to utilize FedEx Small Package Delivery Services at discounted rates.
Statewide Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services for State-Owned Vehicles 2016-2023​
Statewide vehicle maintenance and repair services via a network of local vendors for State-owned cars, light trucks, vans and medium and heavy-duty trucks not covered by in-house maintenance and repair facilities.
Statewide Foreign Language Interpretation/ Translation Services (FLITS) 2019/2024
Provides language interpretation/ translation services in three service category areas: I) Telephonic, II) On-site service area, and III) Written documents.
Statewide Medical Director and Occupational Medical Services for Maryland State Agencies 2016-2022​
Provide State agencies with a comprehensive network of professional medical services for the proper management of the occupational medical aspects of the State workforce.
YES YES YES YES, Adjoining states only, including Wash., DC
Statewide Travel Services 2020-2025
Statewide Travel Management Program for Executive Branch employees traveling on official business for the State. The purpose of this Program is to centrally monitor and manage State travel expenses to avoid excessive charges.