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Maryland Procurement Academy (MDPA)
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Instructional Programs Manager:
Shae Cronin

Training & Development Coordinator: 
Gennadiy Shoykhedbrod


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The Maryland Procurement Academy (MDPA) provides training and performance support resources for Maryland’s procurement professionals, as well as vendors and suppliers seeking to do business with the State of Maryland. 

In addition to content, resources, and educational materials, the MDPA develops training, delivered by certified instructors, aiming to enhance efficiencies, ensure ethical behaviors, develop quality personnel, and support Maryland procurement for everyone. 

The MDPA serves two distinct audiences, each of which support their own unique areas of focus. Select one of the paths below to learn more about available training, resources, and helpful information. 

The MDPA develops and offers certification programs for Maryland procurement professionals. Delivered by certified instructors and built from a balanced curriculum, the courses and training modules included with each certification program provide public procurement professionals with the knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct effective, efficient, and transparent procurement in and for the State of Maryland. 

Serving as the first tier of the MDPA’s certification series and Procurement Officer career path, the Certified Maryland Procurement Associate (CMPA) program focuses on the foundational components of State procurement for those beginning their professional procurement careers, as well as those working closely alongside or within procurement. The CMPA program covers the full procurement cycle with its core centered around, but not limited to, small procurement, ethics, procurement methods, awarding, eProcurement by way of the eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA), contract management, market research, scope of work, and the State’s Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC) program. The CMPA also serves as the prerequisite to the Certified Maryland Procurement Officer program. 

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Founded in 2020, the Certified Maryland Procurement Officer (CMPO) program serves as the primary credentialing program for officers and managers operating within the State of Maryland’s Procurement Career Group. The CMPO program builds and expands further on the foundational components learned in the CMPA program while also providing a fresh focus on State procurement law and policy, best practices and procedures for competitive sealed bids and proposals, managing a procurement project, and other core skills and competencies for Procurement Officers to be most effective. To take part in the CMPO program, participants must be confirmed staff in the State’s Procurement Career Group and must first successfully complete the CMPA program. 

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