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Maryland Procurement Academy

The DGS Office of State Procurement (OSP) is establishing a training and certification program for Maryland Procurement Professionals. This certification will allow agencies to obtain additional delegated authority from DGS OSP. Training and certification will provide procurement staff with the policies, procedures, best practices and tools to conduct effective, efficient and transparent procurement in the State of Maryland.

Procurement Programs
Maryland specific procurement training and instruction with Maryland certified instructors is currently being developed to professionalize the state procurement workforce and enhance efficiencies, ensure ethical behaviors, develop quality personnel, and support the current procurement oversight structure.

eMMA Training for Buyers

A calendar of upcoming training and support for eMMA is linked here. This calendar is constantly being updated for adding events, training programs, etc. so please check the dates on the current calendar to confirm a program.

eMMA is Maryland’s new online procurement platform used to connect the vendor community with contracting opportunities from state, county, and local government entities. eMMA facilitates an open, transparent, and efficient procurement process. Currently, training, new webinars, and other support resources are listed below and available plus more will be added for ongoing support.

eMMA Training for Vendors

To support vendors in doing business with Maryland, we have begun creating these self-paced and quick step by step modules for key topics.

Vendors have multiple opportunities for support in procurement and in using eMMA. Some of those are listed below from the Office of State Procurement, but additionally resources are available from the Governor’s Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs and other agencies listed on this page. Vendor training can be done in online self-paced instructional modules which are listed in the buttons below. Printable versions of these training modules are also available in the links below the buttons.

Online eMMA Training for Vendors Registration
Registration (the .pdf versions)
Online eMMA Training for Vendors - Submitting Electronic Bids
Submitting Electronic Bids (the .pdf versions)

Any questions about training or certification, contact Victoria Steeger, Chief Learning Officer at or 410-260-7570.