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State of Maryland Procurement Mission:
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Ensure Maryland’s government procures the highest quality materials, equipment, supplies, and services of every description essential to needs, enabled through the state’s centralized eProcurement program.

Our Vision:

Maryland is the leading center of excellence in public procurement for the provision of goods and services essential to any public body, provided through the best contracts available.

Our Goals and Objectives:

  1. Execute business strategies contributing to Maryland as America’s best-managed state.
  2. Develop/execute/manage strategic category contracts aligned to state mission.
  3. Align strategic enterprise category contracts to meet state objectives.
  4. Collaborate across all boundaries to maximize benefits.
  5. Maximum citizen and supplier participation in every contract.
  6. Enable supplier participation and innovation through advanced SRM practices.
  7. Suppliers consider Maryland as their leading customer of choice.
  8. Maximize eProcurement usage by all stakeholder to leverage maximum benefits.
  9. Maximize transparency, accountability, insight and trust in all state procurement activities.
  10. Recruit/retain the best professional talent available.
  11. Develop/maintain state training and certification to produce innovative, high-performing staff.
  12. Develop highly-trained procurement leadership based on integrity and driven by competence.